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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


3 July 2016 

PARNAS adopts candidates and manifesto for Duma elections

ALDE Party member PARNAS, led by Mikhail Kasyanov, will take part in the State Duma elections scheduled for September 18 and adopted its candidate list and electoral programme during a Congress meeting held over the weekend in Moscow. Delegates attending the Congress put forward a federal list consisting of 315 candidates, of which 175 are members of PARNAS and the other 140 represent unregistered parties, such as the Progress Party, December 5th Party, Libertarian Party, as well as non-partisan citizens. (...)

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17 February 2016 

Mikhail Kasyanov: I won't flee Russia despite death threats

Kasyanov said he had received multiple death threats in recent months, but would not flee his native Russia, where he wants to contest elections and hopes for a change in power in as little as two years. "I am afraid for my life and for those of my colleagues," Kasyanov told Reuters in an interview at the Moscow headquarters of his People's Freedom or PARNAS party. "Anyone normal would fear for their life." (...)

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1 February 2016 

"It as a direct death threat"

Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov has posted an Instagram video showing Russian opposition politician Mikhail Kasyanov in a sniper's crosshairs. The new video is the latest in a series of threatening messages from Mr Kadyrov against Kremlin critics, whom he accuses of working for the West. It shows Kasyanov talking to Vladimir Kara-Murza, a journalist who runs the pro-democracy opposition movement Open Russia. The movement was launched by exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. (...)

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Other events

13 December 2015

Mikhail Kasyanov: Putin and his regime are severely affected by sanctions

11 December 2015

Mikhail Kasyanov will lead Russia's democratic opposition in the country's 2016 parliamentary elections

10 December 2015

"Putin desperately wants co-operation with the West"

23 April 2015

Kasyanov submitted to the US Congress a list of propagandists persecuting Nemtsov

20 April 2015

Kasyanov at the PACE session in Strasbourg

7 April 2015

40 days since Boris is no longer with us

28 February 2015

"He's Been Shot for the Truth, It Is Obvious"

24 February 2015

The EU and Russia: Before and beyond the crisis in Ukraine

12 February 2015


12 December 2014

Mikhail Kasyanov opened the international conference "Crisis in Russia-EU relations: causes and ways out" in Moscow

Other events

International conference "Russia and the European Union in the global world today" in Moscow (27 September 2013) International conference "EU and Russian Federation: Attraction and Repulsion" (December 7, 2012) Speech in the European Parliament (February 9, 2011)
Interview to "The Economist" (November 3, 2010) ALDE-PACE Newsletter: October 2010 (see pg 3 for info on M.Kasyanov's trip to EU) Meeting in memory of Anna Politkovskaya (October 7, 2009)
"Without Putin" (October 5, 2009) Kasyanov is ready to give evidence as a witness in a new trial of Khodorkovsky (September 28, 2009) Kasyanov reveals Putin's pursuit of tycoon (July 21, 2009)

"Beyond Putin" 

 A book by Mikhail Kasyanov and Yevgeny Kiselyov "Beyond Putin" is written in the form of dialogue. Kasyanov and Kiselev recall the Soviet years of their life, reflect on the latest developments in Russia - the presidential elections of 1996-2008, default in August 1998, the fate of independent television, the Yukos case. They are trying to find the answer to the eternal question: Could the events in the country develop in a different scenario? This book - a conversation between two active participants of political life of the last decade - is one of the first endeavors to explain and understand the changes that have taken place recently. But this book is not only about the past, but also about the present day of Russia and its future.