Kasyanov submitted to the US Congress a list of propagandists persecuting Nemtsov

23 April 2015

Co-chairman of RPR-PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov and member of the party's Federal Political Council Vladimir Kara-Murza on April 23 handed over to the US Congress a list of Kremlin propagandists who had taken part in the persecution of Boris Nemtsov, for them to be included in the "Magnitsky list".

As Kasyanov said, the list consists of 8 names of those who were creating the atmosphere of hatred, thus effectively instigating Nemtsov's murder. According to international conventions, such actions constitute a severe violation of human rights, which is a doubtless reason to apply to the persons therein the restrictions stipulated by the Magnitsky Act.

Source: www.kasyanov.ru