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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


12 December 2011 

"Today is the beginning of the end for these thieving authorities"

Thousands of Russian people hit the streets in Moscow on Saturday to protest against ballot fixing in the recent Parliamentary elections and to end Vladimir Putin's decade-long rule.

"Today 60,000, maybe 100,000 people have come to this rally," former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said in a speech as he stood among the chanting protesters. "This means today is the beginning of the end for these thieving authorities," said Kasyanov, who now leads an opposition movement that was banned to participate in the elections. The protesters were carrying banners that read, "The rats should go", "Swindlers and thieves - give us our elections back", "Russia without Russia" and similar slogans.

The march continued for the entire day, with demonstrations taking place in more than 60 cities marking the largest public display of discontent in the post-Soviet Russia. The event was peaceful, yet vigorous enough to compel the corrupt politicians to give the people their right of fair elections back.

Although many demonstrations have hit the Russian streets before also, this time, as the betrayed citizens and the angry opposition marched forward, the police could only stand and watch in apprehension.

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