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4 March 2012 

"We demand early parliamentary and presidential elections "

"The result is predictable, I had no doubt that Putin will win in the first round. Putin could not wait a long time and bear such losses. It would be nice if he had drawn 55-56%, not 60% as it is now," - Mikhail Kasyanov said, commenting on the preliminary results of the presidential election.

"Election should be treated according to three criteria: freedom, fairness, integrity. These elections are not free, because not all candidates have been allowed to participate. This election is unfair, because there was no equal access to media. And these elections are unreliable, as there were massive use of carrousels and ballot box stuffing "- the politician said.

"According to polls by the Levada Center, only 40% of Russians recognize these elections as legitimate. Accordingly, the majority of the population of the Russian Federation does not recognize these elections as legitimate. We are entering a dangerous period, because the government is illegitimate. We demand early parliamentary and presidential elections," - Kasyanov said.

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