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2 March 2014 

RPR-PARNAS statement: "Putin took a step bringing Russia to the verge of war with the neighbouring friendly state"

Statement of the political party RPR-PARNAS

V.Putin took a step bringing Russia to the verge of war with the neighbouring friendly state – Ukraine. We are one step from an armed interference in the affairs of an independent neighbouring state, one step from Russia's turning into an aggressor. This all is happening while unidentified armed people acting in a professional manner are taking control over various civilian objects, which gives ground to the suspicion that the interference in a limited form is already under way.

The arguments for Russia's military interference used by Putin are far-fetched – nobody is going to attack the Russian population in Crimea and the eastern regions of Ukraine. Moreover, Ukraine's government has pledged to strictly fulfil its responsibility to protect the population regardless of nationality or language. We see the main reason in the refusal of Russia's authorities to acknowledge the sovereign right of Ukraine's people to independently make decisions. And now Putin is trying to stifle the love of freedom not only in Russia, but also in the adjacent state.

Using Russian military forces on Ukraine's territory will incite a civil war in Ukraine and lead to massive bloodshed. These irresponsible insane decisions will cost dearly to both Russia and Ukraine – dead young people, inconsolable mothers and wives, orphaned children. Russia is facing international isolation, impoverishment and repressions.

We demand that V.Putin immediately abandon the intentions to use the military forces of the Russian Federation on Ukraine's territory. We demand that Russia's authorities of all levels stop the provocative activities leading to the incitement of civil war in Ukraine.

Co-chairmen of RPR-PARNAS
Mikhail Kasyanov
Boris Nemtsov

2 March 2014

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