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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


9 February 2008 

We have chosen our way

We stand on the position that Russians should live in a normal civilized society where life and rights of people are of the highest value, whereas all the rest is secondary; human being is the main asset of any state. And citizens are gradually realizing it, that.s why more and more people are joining us.

First of all I would like to thank our supporters for the active work. We have created a real party. Within 2 months we held 56 congresses in the regions with the participation of 250-300 people each. Many of our supporters now confirm that the authorities got scared of our activities. We are a serious political force. No other structure is capable to work at similar level.

I am especially thankful to those people who were doing the hard work during my presidential campaign under tough pressure from the authorities. And the pressure is still being applied: the people are intimidated and threatened.

Could we imagine some five years ago that all this would be possible? What kind of regime do current authorities want to impose on our people?

People are beginning to understand what is going on in the country. The President has ceased to be the guarantor of the Constitution, having supported the ideology of a single party. People appreciated the way the Parliamentary elections had been held. The authorities have perverted the political will of the people, bereft them of the feeling that they are masters of their own country.

One can reproach me since I was naяve and did believe that the authorities still had the common sense. It turned out - I was wrong.

In these two years the RPDU tested the authorities. attitude to all the basic constitutional norms. Does the public have access to the media? No. There are no independent media in the country, but a few.

The authorities have made it impossible for people to create political organizations. Twice we have been denied registration, although we met all the demands of the improper legislation.

We tried to protest against it in the court, but there are no independent courts of law in our country. Our judicial authority is just .Department Number 3..

The authorities wouldn.t allow us to hold peaceful manifestations. And this is also our constitutional right. Have we ever violated the law during our meetings and demonstrations? Has a single window been broken or a car burnt? No. In Moscow they wouldn.t let us hold manifestations under the pretext that the time we apply for has been reserved for some other activities. It.s a lie.

The authorities are afraid of any expression of independence.

We have never given up. We have been standing up for our principles. We never tried to play up to the authorities. We were never rude to anyone.

The life is only beginning. We must work together with our citizens, with other friendly organizations. Very soon everyone will see what kind of country we have gotten. Today we have an illegitimate Parliament that was appointed rather than elected. Soon we will have an illegitimate president, whom no-one will shake hands with in the civilized society.

In the economy the situation is not better. The authorities are brewing up a crisis and the inflation has long since gone out of their control.

We must continue our work. We did not manage to win, although we were well-prepared. We must keep enlightening the citizens to prevent the country from spiraling down to the totalitarian cul-de-sac. We should take advantage of the media that still remain independent, the Internet that has not yet been grasped by the bear claw of the authorities. We must hold seminars and gatherings for people not to feel lonely, for them to know that there are forces ready to stand up for their interests. We must by all means encourage the uniting of people. In any form – party gatherings, discussions, meetings in the streets, political seminars, demonstrations, pickets. We must take part in regional elections.

We underestimated the authorities. craft. But we must move on. I.d like to thank you all again. You are becoming increasingly respected in the regions. You are doing real political and organizational work. This mission is of great importance. We have scarce resources but we are sure that we are right. It will not be easy, because the pressure from the authorities will inevitably increase. But we have chosen our way. We shall win!

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