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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


27 January 2008 

Mikhail Kasyanov: "Those who think that our campaign is over are wrong. Our campaign has just begun."

Dear friends, colleagues, fellow citizens!

First of all, I would like to thank all those who have been struggling along with me during the last three years for their natural right to live in a free and prosperous country, in a civilized European country, in the great country called Russia. I thank all those who took part in my electoral campaign, all those who supported me, thus proving the rightfulness of our mutual cause, and all those who disagreed with me and openly argued their views. I am grateful to 2 million my fellow citizens who gave their signatures in support of my candidacy.

I owe a great favor to all of you. I promise to do my best so that no one would try to persecute you for that.

Our hopes for the development of the political process on the constitutional basis did not come true – the country has definitely taken the dubious way of thievish totalitarianism with unchangeable and illegitimate authorities. Violence and dictate are the basis and the essence of their power, regardless of the nice words they use to justify their improper actions. This system, like that of the Soviet Union, cannon be perfected from either inside or outside and before long, despite its deceptive strength, it will inevitably fall down under the burden of its own vices and crimes.

No doubt, the decision not to register me as a candidate, as all the important decisions in the "vertical" system, was personally made by V. Putin. He failed to fulfill Boris Yeltsin's will –.to guard Russia.. After the "technical successor" is invested through fake elections, the Russian people will become totally separated from the alien, impotent and aggressive state which has become a menace to its own citizens. And this menace will only be growing. All the responsibility is with V.Putin and all those who have been enthusiastically praising the destruction of freedom and suppression of dissent in Russia in the recent years.

Those who think that we have lost are wrong. We have won, because we kept our honor and dignity, having done our best in the present situation.

Those who think that our campaign is over are wrong. Our campaign has only begun. Everyone can contribute to the creation of the new Russia.

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