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12 January 2009 

Mikhail Kasyanov's statement
on the "gas conflict"

It turned out as a result of the european shuttle diplomacy that the real reason to cut the gas supplies to Europe by the Russian authorities were the unclear terms of payments for gas, which the Ukrainian side used to technologically provide for the European transit. The volume of gas taken so far by Ukraine for this purpose is 86 million cubic meters, its value ranges from 15 to 35 million dollars. Obviously, the reason for the termination of gas supplies to Europe is negligibly minor in comparison with the consequences of this decision. And the consequences are as follows: the Russian authorities have denied access to energy of the European consumers during the extremely cold winter. This led to disabling of domestic heating for millions of people and numerous stops of industrial enterprises in European countries. The total losses amount to billions of euros. Russia.s losses have already reached 800 million dollars, over 100 gas wells stopped work. Gazprom faces multi-billion claims.

Thus, the actions of the Russian leadership to halt gas deliveries to European consumers via Ukraine are inadequate and irresponsible. These actions have caused great damage to the long-term national interests of the Russian Federation. The leadership of Russia must immediately resume gas supplies to Europe in full. The time of murky secretive transactions in the gas sector has passed; all terms of these contracts should become public.

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