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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


8 June 2009 

I am pleased to note the success of the ELDR party

I am pleased to note the success of the ELDR party, a European party People Democratic Union is a member of, at the recent elections to the European Parliament. The liberal faction remains the third largest in the European Parliament, markedly reducing the gap vis-р-vis the second faction of European Socialists, the apparent victim to election defeat.

I would like to congratulate all our colleagues in the ELDR, who have confirmed their mandate or became members of European Parliament for the first time. I am confident that the new liberal faction, as before, will be resolutely upholding the values of freedom and democracy, and to express from these positions the principled opinion on what is happening in the European Union and beyond. We expect that the newly formed European institutions will not turn a blind eye to violations of human rights and democratic standards, which are now routinely occurring in Russia.


European Liberals have faired well with notable gains in Germany, Sweden and Estonia so far recorded. The German FDP increased its representation in the Parliament winning 12 seats compared to 7 in 2004. In Sweden Folkpartiet won 3 seats (an increase of 1) and centerparty retained 1 seat. The Centreparty of Estonia won 3 seats (compared to 1 in 2004) and Reform Party retained its 1 seat.


Liberal results are holding up well compared to those of the European Socialists who have suffered significant losses in France, Germany, Denmark and Spain while the UK Labour Party recorded its worst post-war election result. With nearly all results counted, ELDR member parties are set to maintain 75 MEPs in the new Parliament which represents a relative increase given that the number of seats has been reduced to 736.


Liberals will remain king makers and continue to be the guardians of freedoms.

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