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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


24 November 2009 

Political Statement by the PDU Presidium on the current situation in Russia

Political Statement by the PDU Presidium on the current situation in Russia

The current situation in Russia is characterized by a growing understanding in all strata of society that the political and economic model built in Russia in recent years under the leadership of Vladimir Putin's cannot appropriately respond to the challenges of our time. Passive existence under this model will lead our country not only to the increase of the development gap with the other countries, but also to serious long-term consequences up to disintegration. However, despite the forced recognition of this fact, the slogans of modernization advanced by the authorities deliberately do not touch the situation in the political sphere.

We are convinced that the real program of modernization can not be imposed on citizens from above. It must be worked out only after a national debate, involving the widest possible circles of citizens and their communities. The very logic of the current political model impedes this kind of discussion based on the representation of interests of different groups of civil society. Any genuine action to modernize the country must be preceded by

- Removal of censorship and the opening of an information space, and all kinds of media for free and open public debate on the whole range of problems of social and economic life;

- The abolition of restrictions on independent political activity, including the freedom of establishment and registration of political parties;

- Immediate establishment of free and fair elections as a basic institution of democracy.

Recent Address by the President to the Federal Assembly clearly confirms that the current authorities do not intend to take any real steps to liberalize the political environment. On the contrary, they aim to consolidate the political status quo at the managed elections of 2011-2012.

Thus, it is necessary, using all constitutional rights and opportunities to organize public pressure on Russia's authorities and force them to make the necessary moves of social and political transformation to start comprehensive, not half-hearted modernization.

We call upon all citizens who care about the future of their country, all democratic forces to engage in such work.

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