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2 September 2010 

Mikhail Kasyanov: I am prepared…

Referring to the upcoming presidential elections-2012, Mikhail Kasyanov said at a briefing that democratic community should present a united candidate. "We must form a coalition to decide on participation in presidential elections. Meanwhile, it is important that civil society - non-political NGOs - actively work to protect the interests of citizens", - he said.

Kasyanov also said: "The idea of my participation in elections should be supported by our party, PDU, and, of course, by the public, i.e. a group of respected people not engaged in political activities and have indisputable reputation among the people. If the public finds it necessary that the responsibilities of the united candidate will be laid on me, then my answer is simple: at the right time I'll be ready."

According to Kasyanov, there is no other way to determine who should become the united candidate. "Being a united candidate is not an advantage, this is a serious responsibility. I am categorically against the so-called "competition". This is the wrong course for us, it is unacceptable - on the contrary, we need unity. This should be the decision of the coalition with the participation of public opinion expressed by the people with indisputable reputation, whose opinion will be important for a person, bearing the burden of the united candidate..

"Deadline for nomination of the united candidate is spring-2011. My personal opinion: the sooner the better" - he told journalists.

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