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14 December 2010 

Mikhail Kasyanov: Russia needs democratic change of power to prevent revolution

Leaders of the coalition For Russia Without Arbitrariness and Corruption have declared their intention to change the Russian administration in a democratic way. "We want to suggest an alternative to the current authorities. Our goal is a change of the current policy and the dismantlement of this KGB system," Russian People's Democratic Union leader, ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov said at the coalition founding congress on Monday. Kasyanov noted the danger of certain events in Russia, including the events in Kushchevskaya, the December 11 disturbances in Moscow and some others. "We need to prevent revolutionary events, which are already in the air," he said.

Opposition politics Mikhail Kasyanov,  Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Vladimir Milov plan to create an political party to challenge the dominance of Putin.s United Russia party in parliamentary elections next year. "Our main purpose is to change the existing political course and offer all Russian citizens equal opportunities," Kasyanov told reporters in Moscow on Monday. The Party of People.s Freedom for a Russia Without Arbitrariness and Corruption expects by April to gather the 45,000 signatures it needs to register with the authorities and take part in elections to the State Duma, Russia.s lower house of parliament, scheduled for December 2011, he said.

The party will put forward a single candidate for the presidential election in 2012, Nemtsov said.

"We must demand the registration of our party in spring. Otherwise, all party members will make these demands in the street, -  he said. - We need a breakthrough to elections. The administration must be replaced through elections rather than through a revolution." 

About 70-80 activists of the pro-governmental Young Russia movement picketed before the congress started.

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