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28 March 2011 

"The Fate of Colonel": Mikhail Kasyanov on Libyan events on the radio "Kommersant FM"

Gadhafi 's regime, of course, is unacceptable from the standpoint of law. The use of force against its own people is an unacceptable thing.

This is not an internal affair of the country, as some in Russia try to present, it is international affair, there should be international monitoring of what's happening. Intervention to save human lives is a duty of the international community, is a responsibility of the United Nations. The decision to start this operation today is right, it is the right thing.

What should happen with Gaddafi? I think there is evidence of his direct involvement in issuing orders for killing people, so there are international mechanisms for addressing such issues. It should be open, transparent and understandable to all. And it must be fair, so there should be fair proceedings in an independent, impartial court. In the end, I think this should be like International tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. A similar forum will be convened to deal with crimes in other parts of the world.

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