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23 June 2011 

"Now it`s clear to everyone that the elections are going to be illegitimate"

"Now it`s clear to everyone that the elections are going to be illegitimate", Mikhail Kasyanov said at a press conference, commenting on the Justice Ministry`s decision to refuse registration of the party. Kasyanov stated that he considers the party to be legitimate and fully formed, regardless of the government`s attempts to hinder its growth and the pressure it exerted on party branches in Russia`s regions.

Kasyanov went on to call the refusal "illegal," as it contradicts Russia`s international obligations - in particular, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which contains an ultimate list of reasons why a government may deny registration to a political party: to prevent threats to national security, to prevent mass riots, to prevent threats to the health of its citizens, and to defend human rights and freedoms.

Leaders of the People`s Freedom Party announced that they plan to arrange civil protests against Russia`s existing political monopoly. Forces independent from the ruling authorities, they said, could possibly be united by one slogan: "No votes to the Party of Swindlers and Thieves, the Front of Swindlers and Thieves, or to the leader of the Swindlers and Thieves or to the parties, their acolytes".

The four party leaders said they "don`t see the point" in appealing the refusal in court, but won`t make a final decision until the party conference on July 2.

The officials and the leading political forces of both the United States and the European Union have expressed their dismay for turning down the party`s registration application and said that this decision of the Russian government doesn`t lead to free and fair elections.

Statement by the Co-Chairmen of the People's Freedom Party on the refusal of state registration of the Party

The refusal of state registration of the People's Freedom Party is a logical extension of the desire of the ruling group to remain in power by any means. This decision is not a unique case of political oppression. The refusal to register opposition political parties contradicts the Russian Constitution and international commitments of our country, directly limits the active and passive suffrage of millions of Russian citizens who were deprived of the right to delegate their representatives to the government at both the federal and regional levels.

Decision to refuse the registration of our party triggers the mechanism of rigging the upcoming State Duma elections which will be neither free nor fair. Thus, the entire system of legislative and executive branches to be formed on the basis of such "elections" is depriving itself of any legitimacy in advance. Responsibility for the resulting political crisis and its historical consequences will wholly fall on the current authorities led by Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, and on their political allies.

We consider the decision to refuse registration of the People's Freedom Party illegal and dictated by short-term political interests of a narrow faction. We consider the Party established, and it will continue its work by defending civil rights and political freedoms of Russians to express the interests of those citizens who wish to live in a free and prosperous, civilized country and not in the atmosphere of total oppression, lies and corruption.

We will discuss the domestic political situation and the possible forms and methods of our future activities at the Conference of the People's Freedom Party on July 2. The attitude to the State Duma elections, the future presidential elections, as well as all matters of party life, will be discussed at the Party Congress to be held in the fall.

The party will continue to hold protest rallies. We invite all the citizens to take part in the rally "Against tyranny! Against corruption! For Free and Fair Elections!" to be held at 1pm on June 25 in Moscow at the Pushkinskaya Square.


Mikhail Kasyanov
Vladimir Milov
Boris Nemtsov
Vladimir Ryzhkov

June 23, 2011

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