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28 February 2015 

"He's Been Shot for the Truth, It Is Obvious"

A.Plyushchev: As far as I can understand, you are at the crime scene at the moment?

M.Kasyanov: Yes, I am in 10 metres from the body of my friend, - Boris Nemtsov. I cannot believe it has happened. It's impossible to believe. In the very centre of Moscow, right at the Kremlin walls a leader of the opposition is murdered in a most demonstrative fashion. It is terrible. What has the Russian Federation ended up with? Could we have imagined something like this only a day before? We couldn't. We're rolling down into an abyss. The aggression is growing up.

The authorities – it is unclear where and what they are doing in the situation. It means that the freedom of speech, the opposing speech, the criticism of what is going on around, - is punished in this manner. Horrible. Impossible to imagine how we could have come to this.

A.Plyushchev: There have been reports that some of the Interfax sources are connecting it with the rally to be held on Sunday. What do you think of this?

M.Kasyanov: I don't think it has anything to do with the rally. It has to do with the fact that all these years Boris has been relentlessly exposing all that has been going on with the country – things connected with the supreme authorities, mid-level authorities, regional and municipal authorities and criminals. And he has been shot for the truth, and not because of some events. It is obvious.

A.Plyushchev: We have some news and I think Mr Kasyanov will comment on it. Vladimir Putin has been immediately informed about Boris Nemtsov's murder, said the president's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, as reported by TASS. And Putin pointed out that the cruel murder of Nemtsov has all the hallmarks of a contract killing and is of a purely provocational nature.

M.Kasyanov: It is not of a provocational nature. One can interpret anything in one's own favour. It is not of a provocational nature, it is slaughtering a leader of the opposition. There is nothing else to say about it. A demonstrative murder. And at the very walls of the Kremlin on top of all.

"Ekho Moskvy"

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