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7 April 2015 

40 days since Boris is no longer with us

Time is running fast. 40 days have passed since Boris was shot in the back in a most vile manner. 40 days have passed, but it is impossible to get used to the fact that he is no longer with us. There is always the feeling that he is about to come and, as usual, plainly start speaking out the truth, gush with ideas and energy. Gradually one begins to realize the depth of this loss, the scale of his personality.

40 days have passed since the beginning of the investigation. Judging by the publicly available information, it is clear that those detained are the actual executors of the murder. The main question, however, remains unanswered: will the investigation be allowed to begin a real movement toward the organizers and those who ordered the killing? Vladimir Putin, being aware of his political responsibility for the murder, must issue all the necessary orders, create the conditions allowing to find the organizers and instigators and bring them to justice. Having regard to this, we have sent Vladimir Putin a letter calling on him to provide for the adequate informing of the public about the investigation. Our demand that the authorities find the organizers and instigators must become a primary one in the social political protest.

For 40 days thousands of people have been coming to the place where Boris was murdered - to honour his memory, set up candles and leave flowers. For Muscovites the place on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge has already become a memorial. We, together with our colleagues, have addressed the Mayor of Moscow with an initiative to quickly set up a memorial sign there.

We, in the RPR-PARNAS, consider it necessary that the European Parliament award Boris Nemtsov, the fighter for freedom, the Sakharov Prize (post mortem). I have already sent out the related address.

We think that the propagandists that have created the atmosphere of hatred, lie and intolerance are to blame for Boris's death and must be stripped of such privileges as visiting Western states, acquiring property there and using the dollar and euro for any of their transactions. To achieve this, we have begun working on the "Nemtsov list". The people therein have long since ceased to be journalists, having turned into feisty propagandists of lies. They are waging information war against the civilized world and must be punished for it.

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