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3 July 2016 

PARNAS adopts candidates and manifesto for Duma elections

ALDE Party member PARNAS, led by Mikhail Kasyanov, will take part in the State Duma elections scheduled for September 18 and adopted its candidate list and electoral programme during a Congress meeting held over the weekend in Moscow.

Delegates attending the Congress put forward a federal list consisting of 315 candidates, of which 175 are members of PARNAS and the other 140 represent unregistered parties, such as the Progress Party, December 5th Party, Libertarian Party, as well as non-partisan citizens.

The list is headed by the party's leader Mikhail Kasyanov, Vyacheslav Maltsev and Andrey Zubov. The regional part of the federal List is comprised of 49 regional groups, including five in Moscow, three in St Petersburg and two in the Sverdlovsk region. A total of 113 delegates of PARNAS will be candidates in single-mandate election districts.

Speaking at the Congress following the adoption of these procedures, party leader Mikhail Kasyanov announced the official start of the campaign entitled "Rebooting the system" which as outlined in its electoral program has the purpose of ending the downward trajectory towards sustainable economic growth through deep changes in the political life of the country and a systemic rebooting of the economy.

"The Duma has turned into an obedient tool for approving harmful, ridiculous, retarded initiatives," he said. "There is a systemic crisis in the country. Russia is heading towards a social catastrophe; it's rolling downhill into a chasm. Our plan to form up a new political course is quite simple: a democratic faction in the Duma in 2016, regional factions in 1/3 of regions in 2017, a new president in 2018. The Duma elections are announced and we must participate. We must take part and win."

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