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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


12 December 2014 

Mikhail Kasyanov opened the international conference "Crisis in Russia-EU relations: causes and ways out" in Moscow

"The authorities claim to be supported by the majority of citizens who are in favour of the current regime. But I am sure that people answering the social poll questions simply say what they think will protect them. I am confident that the majority of citizens don't want to go back to the USSR, don't want their rights and freedoms to be trampled", - Mikhail Kasyanov, Co-Leader of RPR-PARNAS, stated opening the conference "Crisis in Russia-EU relations: causes and ways out" in Moscow. (...)

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21 July 2014 

"The threat of sanctions against entire sectors of the economy is now very real"

"The threat of sanctions against entire sectors of the economy is now very real and there are serious grounds for business to be afraid,. Mikhail Kasyanov stated in a phone interview to Bloomberg. "If there will be sanctions against the entire financial sector, the economy will collapse in six months." (...)

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1 May 2014 

What Putin really wants from Ukraine

President Putin is not going to invade Ukraine, and he uses the military forces at the border and diversions in Ukraine to achieve the recognition of Russia's authority over Crimea, payback of Ukraine's gas debt, granting official status to the Russian language and constitutional changes in Ukraine, - stated Mikhail Kasyanov speaking at the Atlantic Council, Washington D.C.


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Other events

9 April 2014

I support the initiative of European liberals

22 March 2014

The sanctions have shown that not everything is for buying and selling in this world

2 March 2014

Joint statement by Guy Verhofstadt, President of ALDE Group in the European Parliament and Mikhail Kasyanov, Co-Leader of People's Freedom Party (PARNAS) on the escalation of the situation in Crimea

2 March 2014

RPR-PARNAS statement: "Putin took a step bringing Russia to the verge of war with the neighbouring friendly state"

26 February 2014

"We demand that our companions be released!"

15 December 2013

"Putin de facto announced an arms race"

25 November 2013

Co-Leaders of RPR-PARNAS: Our party supports closer ties of Ukraine and Russia with the EU

19 November 2013

Mikhail Kasyanov about the Greenpeace case: .This is a signal to everybody - dare not infringe on our interests.

26 October 2013

Ethnic relations. Border control: Russian authorities have done nothing in past 10 years

25 October 2013

"It is very important that the theme of the amnesty is getting resonance with the public"

Other events

International conference "Russia and the European Union in the global world today" in Moscow (27 September 2013) International conference "EU and Russian Federation: Attraction and Repulsion" (December 7, 2012) Speech in the European Parliament (February 9, 2011)
Interview to "The Economist" (November 3, 2010) ALDE-PACE Newsletter: October 2010 (see pg 3 for info on M.Kasyanov's trip to EU) Meeting in memory of Anna Politkovskaya (October 7, 2009)
"Without Putin" (October 5, 2009) Kasyanov is ready to give evidence as a witness in a new trial of Khodorkovsky (September 28, 2009) Kasyanov reveals Putin's pursuit of tycoon (July 21, 2009)


The Christian Science Monitor


"Freezing Europarl-Duma Dialog – a Logical Step"

"Beyond Putin" 

 A book by Mikhail Kasyanov and Yevgeny Kiselyov "Beyond Putin" is written in the form of dialogue. Kasyanov and Kiselev recall the Soviet years of their life, reflect on the latest developments in Russia - the presidential elections of 1996-2008, default in August 1998, the fate of independent television, the Yukos case. They are trying to find the answer to the eternal question: Could the events in the country develop in a different scenario? This book - a conversation between two active participants of political life of the last decade - is one of the first endeavors to explain and understand the changes that have taken place recently. But this book is not only about the past, but also about the present day of Russia and its future.