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My objective is to see Russia advancing as a modern civilized country.


Mikhail M. Kasyanov,

Prime Minister of Russia in 2000-2004, Co-Leader of Republican Party of People's Freedom (PARNAS Party)

1982-1993 - worked as economist, then head of section of industrialized countries at the Ministry of Economics.

1993 – head of External Debt Department at the Ministry of Finance.

1995-1999 - Deputy Finance Minister. Then Russia at last finalized comprehensive debt restructuring with its creditors and re-established its position at international capital markets. Direct foreign investments started coming to Russia.

1999-2000 – Minister of Finance. A first non-deficit budget in new Russian history was then designed and implemented. Kasyanov was named as the best minister of finance of Eastern Europe.

2000–2004 - Prime Minister of Russia. He started the policy of active collaboration with civil society and business community. During its four-year term Kasyanov's Cabinet launched a number of structural reforms – tax and budget reform, liberalization of capital control and external trade, customs reform, reorganization of national infrastructure, pension reform, creation of land market and others. Successful implementation of systemic transformation measures led Russia to a trajectory of sustainable economic growth. Inflation was reduced significantly, the economy and people's income grew by almost one third while oil prices were at the level of $20-25 per barrel.

2005-2006 – Kasyanov came back to politics to fight for democratic values against growing authoritarian tide as Mr Putin changed the state policy with evident anti-democratic drift. 56000 citizens created the People's Democratic Union (PDU party) and elected Mikhail its Political Leader. Marches of dissenters were initiated by PDU together with other political groups.

2007 – Kasyanov was nominated and registered as candidate for the 2008 presidential elections, soon he was denied participation on political grounds.

2010 – Kasyanov initiated with other politicians B.Nemtsov and V.Ryzhkov the creation of united political group - Republican Party of People's Freedom. They were elected Co-Leaders of this PARNAS party.

2011-2012 - the Party initiated massive protests of citizens against lawlessness and corruption.

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